Real estate consulting

RESCRO Group Croatia will not offer you just any property, we will look for your DREAM-property!

Over the past few years more and more real-estate agents have entered on the market, selling all different kinds of properties. This is making it difficult & time consuming for you as a client to look at all offered properties, knowing that these might not be what you are looking for.

With our vast knowledge of the country and the input of your specific request, we search through ALL the properties available with all real-estate agents, until we find YOUR dream-property.

Even if you do not know exactly what you want (in regards to location) we can advise you the best locations and the best opportunities & solutions!

Do you want to go to the beach on a daily basis, or rather hike in the mountains? Or do you prefer to relax, on a hill side with view over the sea, in peace & quiet? Your wish is our challenge!

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